Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cleaning Tips: A/C Ducts

The Importance of Clean A/C Ducts

Duct cleaning is a task that few homeowners concern themselves with. It is easy to
forget about cleaning air ducts because you do not see them, nor the dirt and dust
that accumulates in them. However, duct and vent cleaning is an important task that should be accomplished to avoid issues like an increase in utility bills, unit dysfunctionality and a negative impact on your health. Indoor air quality is important in a home, not only for the adults that live there
but also for children. Those who have issues with allergies will greatly benefit
from clean ducts. Over time, dust and dirt will become trapped in ducts, leading to
a disbursement of these harmful materials all over the home. This can negatively
impact your health and that of your family. Dirty ducts will also cause your air
conditioning unit to overwork. As it attempts to push air through dirty and dust-
filled ducts, the unit will over perform, potentially leading to unit damage and
failure. This overworking of the unit will also negatively impact your utility bill,
causing you to pay more than you should.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

There are typically two ways dirty ducts can be thoroughly and properly cleaned.
One way is with a high powered suction system can be connected to ducting to
remove dust and dirt particles from the interior of the ducts. Another way is with
a specialized vacuum and brushing system can be run through the ducting to
effectively clean it. Both systems are highly effective, but should be operated by
properly trained personnel. A proper duct cleaning job should include:

  • Cleaning all registers
  • Cleaning inside the ducting
  • Cleaning the interior of the heating and ventilating system
It is also important to inspect and clean the furnace fan. If you have air
conditioning or a heat pump, the coils inside these systems should also be
thoroughly cleaned. Once the unit and system have been properly cleaned and
inspected, a disinfectant can be fogged through the system to eliminate
any residual mold, bacteria or dust mites. A proper duct system cleaning of a home
should take a minimum of three to five hours. The time of the cleaning
will depend on the size of the home and the number of units and systems. If the
home has multiple heating and cooling systems, the job could take longer.

Who offers duct cleaning services?

Various experts are proud to offer thorough and reliable duct cleaning and maintenance services. Our team understands that dust and dirt accumulate throughout the life of an air conditioning system, leading to multiple problems. Cleaning your ducts properly will ensure that your system is
running at its best while delivering clean air throughout the home. We will
thoroughly inspect and clean your entire duct system to ensure that your home has
the best quality airflow possible. Give us a call today for more information.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Meet the company

In a video documented on YouTube, Grammatico Enterprises Inc. is regarded as an elite professional cleaning company. Headquartered in Clark, New Jersey, the local business has emerged as a prominent influence of the world of industrial cleaning. There are several benefits to choosing this firm over other competitors. To learn more about this company, visit here.  

Grammatico Enterprises Inc

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Using Franchise Earnings to Fund Education

As recently published via HEITS' press release, a Peruvian native was granted the opportunity to fund her son's education through earnings that she obtained through a franchised cleaning company. 

After establishing the college funds, she was able to return to her home country and increase her own education level. For  more about this article, please visit:

Establishing Cleanliness through Corporate Maintenance & Commercial Cleaning

Commercial property cleaning has developed as an industry as a whole for the last century. By hiring a team of qualified personnel, any company or individual can go about daily operations without having to think about this minuscule activity.

A timeless staple of maintaining hygiene at the corporate level

For those who are seeking a reliable source for establishing the cleanliness of a corporate or commercial property, look no further than Grammatico Enterprises, Inc. It is a premier provider of cleaning services designated for corporate clients who seek the highest of all standards within the commercial cleaning industry. The company has put a great deal of emphasis on implementing the use of equipment that is virtually soundproof in order to create an environment that is conducive for business executives to conduct interpersonal relations without disruptions.

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